Why an Office Print Policy Makes Sense

Less than 10% of US companies have a formal print policy to control how much is printed and spent on hardcopy output. Does your office have a print policy? Without one, it’s virtually impossible to prevent avoidable waste and expense.
This is why we offer a FREE OFFICE PRINT POLICY to […]

The Paperless Office – Fact or Fiction?

Ah, the paperless office! First coined as a marketing slogan by IBM in the early days of computing it’s still a dream, despite anecdotal evidence that paper use is declining.  Today, every employee has access to a workstation and mobile devices are now starting to challenge desktops as the source […]

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5 Security Risks in Your Current Print Environment

Protecting your confidential information isn’t easy. Especially when it comes to restricting access to hardcopy documents in an unmanaged print environment with limited rules and protocols in place.
“80% of business information is still paper based”
Could your information be at risk? If you haven’t completed a print assessment recently, here are […]

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5 Questions to Determine if You’re Due for a Print Assessment

Print assessments have risen in popularity because they’re quick, non-intrusive and provide fact based data you can use right away. Companies gain immediate visibility of their actual office printing activities and expenses and the ability to benchmark their current document technologies against industry best practices to:
·       Control Print Related Expenses
·       Make […]

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3 Analogies to Understand the Popularity of Managed Print Services

Do you like analogies? We do! Here are three “office-centric” analogies to explain why so many organizations are quickly moving from an unmanaged to a managed print environment.
As you read them, keep in mind that “office printing has become a TOP 4 operating expense” for most businesses next to payroll, […]

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5 Quick Tips to Reduce Color Print Costs

Implementing a good print policy is something that many offices fail to do. This oversight can lead to a lot of wasted toner, paper—and profit. Not having a print policy in place allows anyone in your organization to print anything, at any time, which can really add up (color […]

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Why Office Printing Costs Are So Out Of Control

If you have access to a printer, there’s a 95% probability that you print as you like with no restrictions. You decide how many prints you want to make, if they’re in black and white or color, or if you even need to print the document at all.
95% of […]

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