Understand Popularity of Managed Print ServicesDo you like analogies? We do! Here are three “office-centric” analogies to explain why so many organizations are quickly moving from an unmanaged to a managed print environment.

As you read them, keep in mind that “office printing has become a TOP 4 operating expense” for most businesses next to payroll, rent and utilities.

Analogy #1: Providing Employees with Smart Phones and Not Monitoring Long Distance Usage

Imagine if everyone in your office had a “company phone” and nobody ever tracked how many long distance calls you made, or how much data you used. People probably wouldn’t think twice about calling a relative in a distant location and talking for as long as they like.

The same goes with office printing. If left unmanaged, chances are your company could be printing and paying too much!

Analogy #2: Leaving the Window Open on a Hot Day When the Air Conditioner is On

What would you say to a person in your house that kept leaving their window wide open while the heat or air conditioner was on? You’d probably say something about the waste and expense.

The same goes with office printing.  If left unmanaged, employees are probably wasting toner, paper and money!

Analogy #3: Having Company Gas Pumps Without Tracking Consumption

Some businesses have gas pumps on their premises to fuel company vehicles. What if there was absolutely no monitoring of how much gas each person was pumping and whether the gas was going into a company vehicle or their own.

The same goes with office printing. If left unmanaged, there is no way to reinforce the behaviors that you want!

Are these analogies painting an accurate picture for you? If so, maybe you need to take the first step toward controlling your office print costs with our non-intrusive Print Assessment Service. You’ll get a detailed report jam-packed with interesting observations and suggestions to help you print smarter and greener.

If your business owns multiple print devices, chances are a shift from an unmanaged to managed print approach could be an opportunity for you to consider.

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