Shocking Office Printing Stats You Need to Know!

Unless you’ve implemented a print policy in your office, there’s a good chance your print volumes and costs may be out of control. Even in today’s economic climate that demands expense visibility and control, the avoidable waste associated with office printing is eye opening to say the least!
Based on the […]

3 Analogies to Understand the Popularity of Managed Print Services

Do you like analogies? We do! Here are three “office-centric” analogies to explain why so many organizations are quickly moving from an unmanaged to a managed print environment.
As you read them, keep in mind that “office printing has become a TOP 4 operating expense” for most businesses next to payroll, […]

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Why Office Printing Costs Are So Out Of Control

If you have access to a printer, there’s a 95% probability that you print as you like with no restrictions. You decide how many prints you want to make, if they’re in black and white or color, or if you even need to print the document at all.
95% of […]

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