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Is It Time to Rethink Your Document Workflows?

You’ve probably heard the expression “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?”. Using this type of old school thinking does have its advantages, but what if something could be improved in your business to increase efficiency and profitability?
If you subscribe to the fact that “we don’t know what we […]

Why Paper Jams Occur And How To Prevent Them

Paper jams happen for a variety of reasons and too often at the worst possible time. Believe it or not, the frustration you may feel when your printer or MFP jams is not always the machine’s fault. In fact, if you ask an experienced service technician, they will tell […]

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How Can Print Management Help IT Leaders?

When we ask IT leaders what keeps them up at night, it’s usually no surprise that office printing doesn’t come up. In fact, most of the CIOs, CTOs and network administrators we speak with actually despise the fact that they have to manage their office printers because it takes […]

Document Management Stats You Should Know

In a recent business strategy session with a mid-size customer, we asked their technology leader a few questions about the way they were managing their documents.
Here was one of our questions that he had a hard time answering:
 “What percentage of your business information is still in a paper-based format?” 
He […]

Shocking Office Printing Stats You Need to Know!

Unless you’ve implemented a print policy in your office, there’s a good chance your print volumes and costs may be out of control. Even in today’s economic climate that demands expense visibility and control, the avoidable waste associated with office printing is eye opening to say the least!
Based on the […]

What is a Print Assessment?

Print assessments provide business leaders with immediate insight into their organizations’ actual printing behaviors, volumes and costs with nominal effort. Newer monitoring software technology makes the process very easy to monitor print devices and capture data over a predetermined period of time. The data collected is used to create […]

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Why Beware of Toner Coverage?

The same way your car’s gas mileage fluctuates when you go up a hill or pull a trailer, so too does your actual toner yield when you put more toner on a page. Every time you add a logo, chart or some other graphic, the more you pay per page.
As […]

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The Paperless Office – Fact or Fiction?

Ah, the paperless office! First coined as a marketing slogan by IBM in the early days of computing it’s still a dream, despite anecdotal evidence that paper use is declining.  Today, every employee has access to a workstation and mobile devices are now starting to challenge desktops as the source […]

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5 Security Risks in Your Current Print Environment

Protecting your confidential information isn’t easy. Especially when it comes to restricting access to hardcopy documents in an unmanaged print environment with limited rules and protocols in place.
“80% of business information is still paper based”
Could your information be at risk? If you haven’t completed a print assessment recently, here are […]

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5 Questions to Determine if You’re Due for a Print Assessment

Print assessments have risen in popularity because they’re quick, non-intrusive and provide fact based data you can use right away. Companies gain immediate visibility of their actual office printing activities and expenses and the ability to benchmark their current document technologies against industry best practices to:
·       Control Print Related Expenses
·       Make […]

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