Due for a print assessmentPrint assessments have risen in popularity because they’re quick, non-intrusive and provide fact based data you can use right away. Companies gain immediate visibility of their actual office printing activities and expenses and the ability to benchmark their current document technologies against industry best practices to:

·       Control Print Related Expenses

·       Make Employees More Productive

·       Reduce Waste

·       Recycle More

Here are 5 questions to measure your readiness for a complimentary print assessment of your office print environment:

  1. Is your print spending centralized or decentralized? Printers may seem inexpensive, but the cost to run them can get out of control without a macro view of all print related devices, usage and consumable costs. Too often, the purchasing of print cartridges occurs at the departmental or individual level leaving opportunity for better visibility and cost control. Most customers find ways to save up to 30% after conducting a print assessment and implementing a Managed Print approach.
  2. Do you have a print policy in your office? Less than 5% of SMB organizations have implemented print rules or guidelines for end users to follow. The intention is not to deprive users of their day to day needs, but rather to make sure jobs are routed to the most efficient device or color printing is done only when needed, etc. Most print policies are well received by employees who recognize the need for basic structure.
  3. Are you fully leveraging digital documents vs. hardcopy? Today’s technologies make it quick and easy to replace traditional hardcopy output with digital documentation. Going digital where appropriate will help your company print less, improve document accessibility and boost security protection. In most cases, current investments in MFPs and other print related hardware can be immediately leveraged with little to no additional cost.
  4. Are you still paying people to order and manage print supplies? Old school reactive ordering of toner cartridges when the “low” light is flashing has been replaced with automated replenishment programs. Now you receive the supplies you need or the service call is placed before you knew you needed one. This helps reduce downtime, frustration and makes sure the right cartridge goes to the right printer every time.
  5. Do you recycle 100% of your used print cartridges? Shockingly only 25% of used print cartridges are returned in their original packaging for proper recycling. According to the EPA, it takes over 1,000 years for a used print cartridge to fully decompose. Despite the fact that there is often zero cost to return a used print cartridge, most employees still fail to recycle them.

What were your answers to these 5 questions? Perhaps a complimentary print assessment would assist you in identifying opportunities to print smarter and print greener in your office.

Here’s what you get:

·       Free print tracking software

·       Fact based data

·       Identified Opportunities Report (short and long term)

At RMC, each of our trained representatives have the technology and experience to complete a print assessment. Interested? We’re ready when you are.