Going Paperless – Why Is It Taking So Long?

Organizations who have made investments in going paperless have reported benefits in almost every area of their business: higher employee satisfaction, increased productivity, lower costs, improved customer responsiveness and a smaller environmental footprint.
However, there are many business leaders who haven’t considered what a paperless environment might mean for them. For so many businesses that […]

How To Protect Your Personal Passwords

Do you think your passwords are secure enough? Chances are they may not be. As information security rises on the priority list for most businesses, gone are the days of using generic passwords such as “123”, “abc”, or even “password” to access systems and information.  With more and more business data migrating […]

Security Risks With Hardcopy Documents

You’ve got locks on the doors and a security system to protect your business from the outside, but are you leaving the doors wide open for employees to access confidential information from hardcopy documents on the inside?
“An employee is 15 times more likely than a non-employee
to steal from an […]

9 Business Advantages Digital Documents Have Over Paper

Recent statistics on document management suggest that 80% of most companies’ business information still exists in a paper based format. If you’re a millennial this may seem unbelievable to you. If you grew up watching TV before the Internet, that statistic makes sense doesn’t it?
Regardless of your age, digital […]

Document Management Stats You Should Know

In a recent business strategy session with a mid-size customer, we asked their technology leader a few questions about the way they were managing their documents.
Here was one of our questions that he had a hard time answering:
 “What percentage of your business information is still in a paper-based format?” 
He […]