The Ray Morgan Company Hits a Grand Slam at the Oakland A’s Stadium

May 19th 2016, Oakland, CA – RMC, A Ray Morgan Company held their second annual Baseball Classic and Technology Showcase in the 44,000 square foot Eastside Club at the Oakland Coliseum. RMC created a fun way to keep their clients up to date with the latest document management solutions […]

Why Slowing Down Can Help Your Small Business Speed Up

Running a company of any kind means that you likely spend a lot of time in planning mode, mapping out the future for various elements of your business.

Whether it’s finances, growth strategy, marketing or just about any other critical component, most small business leaders would agree that winging it […]

SMB Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services to Professionals

As businesses continue to leverage technology to support core business objectives, technology continues to advance often making IT a confusing and expensive area to manage. Quite simply, it’s tough to keep up. In fact, some experts say that there is a significant technological advancement about every 28 days! For […]

How To Protect Your Personal Passwords

Do you think your passwords are secure enough? Chances are they may not be. As information security rises on the priority list for most businesses, gone are the days of using generic passwords such as “123”, “abc”, or even “password” to access systems and information.  With more and more business data migrating […]

Security Risks With Hardcopy Documents

You’ve got locks on the doors and a security system to protect your business from the outside, but are you leaving the doors wide open for employees to access confidential information from hardcopy documents on the inside?
“An employee is 15 times more likely than a non-employee
to steal from an […]