SMBs-Managed IT

As businesses continue to leverage technology to support core business objectives, technology continues to advance often making IT a confusing and expensive area to manage. Quite simply, it’s tough to keep up. In fact, some experts say that there is a significant technological advancement about every 28 days! For small to medium sized businesses trying to build and support an effective IT infrastructure this can be overwhelming, and hence, the explosive popularity of Managed IT Services.

“53% of organizations are currently outsourcing IT functions.”  Source: Deloitte

Many small business owners are discovering that outsourcing IT Services provides them with the professional level support they need at the price they can afford. In most cases the cost of managing your own infrastructure can be more expensive than outsourcing to professionals who can recommend the right technology and proactively maintain it to prevent downtime and mitigate risk. In many cases, the IT services provided may not replace existing people but rather complement the existing state to allow internal IT people to focus on higher value priorities.

From an engagement perspective, a Managed IT Services provider first gains an understanding of your company’s goals and objectives and your current infrastructure strengths and vulnerabilities before recommending the appropriate suite of services. In many cases, your IT Services partner will ensure employees have the technology they need, help monitor network operations, manage server and desktop functions, ensure appropriate security protection and provide forward thinking ideas on IT requirements and upgrades.

Popular reasons to consider a Managed IT partner:

Resource restrictions and cost savings: In today’s business environment, controlling costs and your precious resources is critical for growth. A Managed IT Services provider can create systems that function to your specific needs, within your budget and without compromising quality. In turn, you can focus your people and efforts on revenue generation with less IT distractions.

Navigating complex IT solutions: Both hardware and software are constantly evolving and businesses with limited resources can find themselves left behind. With Managed IT Services, you have access to the latest IT solutions enabling you to provide support for your employees and top-quality service to your customers.

Improved ROI from your IT infrastructure: For many small to medium sized businesses, maintaining infrastructure can be tedious, time-consuming and costly. Managed IT Services gives you the ability to stabilize your IT so that it is dependable and dedicated to meeting your specific needs, cost effectively.

Assistance with regulatory compliance:  Regardless of what industry you are in, regulatory compliance is a concern for every business. With new regulations like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Affordable Care Act, businesses need to stay on top of compliance issues. Managed IT Services can not only help you understand these new rules, it can help you maintain compliance.

Risk Mitigation – New technologies sometimes introduce new risks to your organization. This is where a professional partner can help you thwart unforeseen issues in areas such as mobile and cloud technology.

Perhaps now is the time to rethink your IT strategy?

If you’d like to learn more about how working with a Managed IT Services provider can help you grow your business, update your technology and reduce you IT spend, contact us today for a no-obligation Technology Risk Assessment.