Fresno CityFest says: Thank you Ray Morgan Company! You’re the best!

“What a tremendous community event.  Over 45,000 attended during the week-long Fresno CityFest event and Ray Morgan Company played a key part in helping to make it happen. Not only does Ray Morgan provide quality products but it also has a big heart for the communities it serves.  Fresno […]

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Huge thank you to the newest CAP Champion Sponsor, Ray Morgan Company!!

Huge thank you to the newest CAP Champion Sponsor, Ray Morgan Company!! Everything is starting to come together, especially our wonderful community business leaders. Without our awesome community’s support we could not be able to provide these much needed services to our low income families of Sonoma County. We’re […]

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Jenifer Watts, Programming and Publications Director

To Whom it May Concern:

I first met Rodney Archer when Canyon Hills was leasing equipment through American Business Machines several years ago. As our lease came to an end and we began exploring other options for a replacement for our machine our paths crossed again. Rodney was working for […]

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Theresa Ruiz, Sutter North Medical Center

Ray Morgan Company has consistently delivered by providing an outstanding Canon product line,
responsive customer service, and a service department that is second to none.

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Brent Kocal, Kocal Management Group

[RMC] listened to the situation we were in and explained to us there was a way to get new equipment AND lower our lease payment.

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Dinah Fischer, City of Sacramento

In my opinion, [RMC] is the epitome of quality customer service.

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Law Offices of Andrew A. Harris, A.P.C.

We were in the midst of a mammoth photocopying job. I had no idea how long the process would take and quite honestly had not checked my message that my toner might actually be running low. My bad! Having said that, when the machine said […]

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District Attorney, County of Solano Award Letter

The Solano County District Attorney’s Office is proud to have selected Ray Morgan Company as its managed prints services provider. We believe that RMC provides the best value for our document management dollars.



January 9, 2013

Ray Morgan Company
1580 Vineyard Road
Roseville, […]

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