In this day and age, an online video presence is more important than ever. Videos work as a great supplement to written content to steer your prospects and current customers in the right direction on your website. At Ray Morgan Company we have launched new video initiatives to create new and engaging content for web publication as well as commercial advertising. This year so far we have created an in-depth video case study on Samsung School for Sierra Montessori Academy in Grass Valley California. For this project Bob Lillie, Shawn Dyer and Chris Cartwright took a trip to Grass Valley and interviewed several of the Academy’s key personnel. You can check out the final product via the link at the bottom of this article.

As well as the Sierra Montessori Academy video, we have also created several commercial advertisements, executive interviews, instructional videos, technology show highlights and customer testimonials most of which will be unveiled with the release of the new Ray Morgan Company website.

I am looking for satisfied customers who would love to share their excellent experiences with the Ray Morgan Company in an in-depth case study like the one that we did for the Sierra Montessori Academy. If you have a customer that would be great for a video case study, please contact me (Shawn Dyer) with your request.

As we look forward to 2015, we are now beginning to realize the true potential of having our own in house video production capabilities. The future of video is bright and I can’t wait to share it with you all.


Sierra Montessori Academy:

Greg Martin interview:

Thank you

Shawn Dyer

Multimedia Production Coordinator

Direct Line: 530-230-4817