Phishing is one of the most popular and efficient ways for cybercriminals to exploit employees and gain access to sensitive data. Why, though, is it so easy for you or your employees to be duped and for human error to unleash a debilitating phishing attack?

Maybe you’ve had sufficient cybersecurity training and you know what to look for. Want to test your knowledge?

Take a look at the following four emails, decipher which look like a phishing scam, and find the answers below!

Real Deal or Phishing?






Do you have all your answers ready? Here we go.


If you look closely at the first image, you’ll notice that the body of the email contains some errors. Similarly, the link to check your account has some unusual characters. In addition, Amazon’s corporate domain is, not


This e-mail was sent from It’s written in official style without mistakes or misprints, and the link takes you to


This site copies the appearance of American Express Serve precisely, but it has a different URL. In addition, it prompts the user to enter a security answer along with their login and password (which is out of the ordinary), and “bellow” is misspelled.


If you look at the domain name on the email, you’ll see that it is, not Lots of these types of links lead to a website that can do anything from installing malware on your computer to copying your credit card information.

It is important to know what to look for and to proceed with caution when it comes to protecting your sensitive business data. Teach your employees to look for incorrect spelling, misspelled links, and requests for personal information. Many of these types of errors lead to malicious software and ransomware.

Are Cybercriminals Phishing for Your Sensitive Business Information?

With phishing attacks steadily on the rise, businesses must be especially careful when clicking links or opening email messages from untrusted sources. The chart below shows the number of unique phishing websites detected monthly in the last two quarters of 2016.

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