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Recently, Ray Morgan Co. hosted two Cybersecurity Management events to educate and enlighten organizations about current computer network risks. During this basic training, attendees learned of potential network threats, the global advancement of hacking and the industry’s elite processes they can implement to protect their company.

Our featured Speaker, CTO of Continuum, Jay Ryerse shared his Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) expertise on this intimidating subject. He is recognized globally for his IT security technical skills and hands-on experience. Jay warned that hacking is no longer a fringe activity. He has contributed to national conventions to teach organizations more about the dark web and new tactics for hacking.

The dark web is a collection of websites that exist on an encrypted network. Hackers acquire private company or personal information, and sell it on the dark web to cyber criminals. Some of this confidential information is obtained from breaches into large companies like Target or Equifax, which you may have heard about recently. As a bonus for attending, RMC offered a free dark web scan for everyone present. Attendees were shocked that the dark web possessed private information on almost every company represented in the room. We can do the same for you and your organization.

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RMC has security products that can provide three additional layers of security. This comprehensive protection includes new software that uses artificial intelligence to search for potential danger; a Security Operations Center to identify and stop hazardous activity and security awareness training to ensure knowledge of threats as well as options for cyber protection.

With our cybersecurity tools, you can protect your business. Let’s work together to bring awareness and a plan of action from the industry’s best.

If you were unable to attend this event and would like to know more about your company’s potential cyber risk, contact your Ray Morgan Co. sales representative for further information at

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