It all began in October, 1984 and since then it has become a tradition for Ray Morgan Company to throw its annual Oktoberfest! This year Oktoberfest has reached its 30th anniversary. This event is not only a favorite for customers but also for the staff of Ray Morgan. Excitement is already in the air, hardly a month away and this event is the talk of the office. Oktoberfest is all about showing clients the newest technology and since technology advances so quickly it is good practice to showcase it annually. Besides seeing what new technology is coming out, at Oktoberfest there is also food and a chance to see behind the scenes at Ray Morgan Company, while having fun and networking.

A few Ray Morgan Company Employees offer their perspective on these questions: What are some of the things to look forward to while attending this event? What is the value to our customers?

Tina Peters, Aftermarket Manager/ Contracts who has worked at RMC for over 20 years, stated that “Oktoberfest is a great opportunity for people to see things that aren’t always typically viewed in the office, such as third party partners.” Tina’s favorite thing about Oktoberfest is “seeing what’s on the forefront of technology.”

Linda Burton, Meter Coordinator and RMC Employee for 7 years stated that she enjoys “meeting customers” and that people who attend get to see “who we really are at Ray Morgan, getting a glance behind the scenes.”

Steve King, Senior Equipment Billing Coordinator, working 8 years at RMC looks forward to “experiencing the camaraderie that exists between RMC and our clients.” Steve went on to state the value of Oktoberfest: “The value to our clients is becoming educated about cutting edge document technology that, when implemented properly into their specific environment, can increase efficiency and productivity while reducing operating costs. Some businesses may not know that these possibilities exist for them without gaining the knowledge that RMC offers through our annual Oktoberfest event.”

It is clear that Ray Morgan Company’s Oktoberfest is a hit not just because of the great food and the festive theme but because of the people that attend and the technology that is showcased.

Don’t forget to attend this October, 23rd to check out this incredible event!