Written by Jacquelyn Lucchesi

For over 50 years, Child Start has been serving families and children in Napa County through the Napa Head Start program.  In conjunction with 20 years serving Solano County, Child Start serves 1,000 families in both counties.

As stated on their website, Child Start “…works under the leadership of a dynamic board of directors comprised of prestigious community leaders from Napa and Solano counties with expertise in health, social services, business, law, human resources, child development, community action, child advocacy, and local government. Clients are also represented through parent participation on the board. These strengths demonstrate the balanced representation and significant areas of expertise and community involvement necessary for successful non-profit governance.”

Child Start has partnered with Ray Morgan Company to help reduce operating costs and implement sustainability & compliance solutions through Document Technology solutions.

“Ray Morgan has just helped us do a lot more in-house so that we could control the flow of the material that we needed so that we could meet deadlines even if they changed. It makes our lives much easier” explains Debbie McGrath, Business Services Director at Child Start.
Prior to partnering with Ray Morgan Company, Child Start did not have cost visibility or control of their copier costs. With no imaging plan in place, the Ray Morgan Company brought in multi-functional devices which enhanced their document workflows.
The multi-functional solutions provided by Ray Morgan Company allowed Child Start to scan and print more efficiently with cost reductions of around 30% .  In addition to an estimated 25 % cost reduction in the area of Child Start’s printer fleet.

“We’ve been working with Ray Morgan for about three years now: They are responsive. They are attentive. They are incredibly professional. We are more than satisfied.” states Debbie McGrath of Child Start.

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