Client Profile:

The Sacramento area Unified School District consists of all elementary, middle and high schools in the local area. USD decided to put their business out for bid for the 2013-14 school term. Even though RMC was the incumbent, every company that was bidding on their business was going to be on a level playing field.


In ensuring we met all of our clients’ needs, we worked with all of the departments to provide a technology solution that would meet all departmental needs. We involved the Technology, Finance and Administration departments as well as the Superintendent office staff to provide input and discuss a well-rounded solution. Once all concerns were brought to the table, it allowed us to assess their needs and converge to rapidly advancing technology.

  • The technology department was concerned about the integration with their existing infrastructure. Department staff stressed how the ease of implementation and the usability of the new technologies is crucial in their decision making.
  • Finance was concerned with the overall initial costs in comparison to existing costs. Having the ability to manage the billing order and keep archives of back expenses to each individual department was expressed.
  • Administrations main concern was usability. They liked the idea of utilizing time saving technologies but liked the platforms they were already familiar with.
  • The Superintendents primary objective was to work with a local company that shares the same values as the school district. He emphasized the team effort of all his departments and wanted a collective agreement from all departments in making the decision of who will be chosen to handle their accounts.

RMC Solution:

At RMC, we are committed to our local area schools. Our Education Pricing Structure is designed to provide new equipment at an overall cost savings to the district. This reduced monthly expenses and provides an annual ROI of $25000 over a 5 year span. We offered streamlined detailed billing which will help with identifying where costs are being incurred as well as allowing for the district to manage expenses on an ongoing basis. Because of the technology integration and ease of use, end users now have been afforded more time back in their work day.


Our team was able to install all necessary software on the district server and push information data out to individual laptops, saving a significant amount of time for the IT Administrator. We were able to utilize their existing IT infrastructure without having to buy any new equipment. The school districts IT team work with the RMC Service & IT teams to help facilitate the implementation in a streamlined fashion allowing little downtime in the transition.


RMC maintained the business from the school district for the following reasons.

  • An overall cost savings based on our Education Pricing Structure.
  • Similar local community partnerships, keeping the business local was important to both parties.
  • Knowledge and expertise of RMC’s Service Technicians and IT Support personnel.
  • Detailed implementation strategy for each entity.
  • Simplified billing which keeps all transactions on a single monthly invoice.