Client Profile:

Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center- FLRC is a private, non-profit corporation that operates under contract with California’s Department of Developmental Services. The Center serves over 7,000 children and adults with developmental disabilities, who have or are at risk for a developmental delay or disability, and who are at high-risk of parenting an infant with a disability.

Lanterman is one of 21 regional centers in the state of California, which together serve over 225,000 individuals with, or at risk for, developmental disabilities and their families. Lanterman serves residents in the following geographic areas:

  • Hollywood-Wilshire
  • Central Los Angeles
  • Pasadena
  • Glendale
  • Burbank
  • La Cañada-Flintrid

FLRC has been looking at document management approach improvement for the last several years. The goal was to improve workload for case workers as well as improving information access for the customers. They have been encouraged to evaluate Ray Morgan Company solution and services by Harbor Regional Center who at that time was in the middle of Laserfiche implementation. The Laserfiche integration project at Harbor Regional Center was led by Alex Wilson, RMC ProIT project manager.

Alex had performed a very detailed analysis at Harbor Regional Center and worked very closely with records case management group, IT and operations to understand daily document flow and tasks faced by the staff of regional center. Result of this detailed analysis increased the confidence of CFO at Harbor Regional Center, Judy Wada. She understood that such a thorough approach and understanding of their needs can benefit more than one center and the community at large. Improved processes and document access can instantly translate into better customers’ service and support for center’s clients.

Specific and most immediate area of focus would be client files (~7,000). For every client there is a thick binder with all their documentation. Much like a patient chart, the information is historical, so documents can go back for years. These binders are in the custodianship of the counselor currently assigned to the client.


Gaining FLRC as a client was one the first few wins of the specific and targeted marketing campaign started by Andrey Esterlis and Mike Paulino.

Present and past success working with regional centers in Sacramento and San Francisco and use of references paved the way for the telemarketing and email campaigns. From his previous days at Sharp Andrey was able to secure ~$1.5M in business from these centers.

Partnership with Mike instantly brought additional benefits due to his expertise in MPS program and ability to use RMC resources to its full potential. Ray Morgan was asked to perform an on-site analysis of daily document flow needs at Harbor Regional Center at the request of Judy Wada-CFO at HRC. Later similar approach was used at Frank Lanterman Regional Center at the request of Patrick Aulicino-CFO at FLRC.


Alex Wislon, RMC ProIT project manager conducted several days’ on-site assessment. This examination took place through a series of interviews conducted on-site. Departments in the organization that have a need for better document management practices were interviewed.

The results of this examination offered several clear conclusions:

  • The organization’s document management needs are such that a fully-utilized DMS would deliver benefits that, among other positives, would produce better client service.
  • Center has a critical need for a system that its users can support themselves.
  • Center’s requirements are such that an off-the-shelf DMS product will meet them without a huge amount of programming or customization.
  • The DMS must support image-enablement of 3rd party systems used at the centers.
  • FLRC itself is flooded with paper storage and would gain back a significant amount of space by engaging in aggressive back file scanning.

Thus, the resultant recommendation was that FLRC acquire a DMS that highlights user-friendliness and supports state of the art DMS functionality off-the-shelf, but is able to interface with other systems with a minimum of fuss. Their organizational processes should then incorporate this system through a phased implementation that emphasizes change-management. This should be combined with an organization-wide back file conversion project.

RMC Solution:

Following the assessment and series of Laserfiche presentation, including lengthy Q&A session with representatives of every main FLRC department RMC got the go ahead and was granted the business for Laserfiche install.

The initial install will address clients records department needs first with the following configuration:

  • Laserfiche Rio- 100 named Full Users
  • Laserfiche Rio Quick Fields Core
  • Laserfiche Rio Quick Fields Agent
  • Laserfiche Rio Pilot Public Portal
  • LSAP for 100 Named Full Users
  • LSAP Quick Fields Core
  • LSAP Quick Fields Agent
  • LSAP Rio Pilot Public Portal


Installation is planned to start immediately pending needed hardware acquisition by FLRC.

Project is divided on 5 main steps

  • Install LF server-side software
  • LF implementation in Community Services
  • LF for Vendors Group
  • LF implementation in Client Services
  • LF implementation in HR


Frank Lanterman Regional Center has essentially selected Ray Morgan Co. as a proven LF expert and integrator.

The work and commitment demonstrated by RMC team from all departments involved and especially ProIT group represented by Alex Wilson every step of the way cemented FLRC’s choice of Ray Morgan as a partner.

We hope that this upcoming installation is a beginning of a cycle with other regional centers. As with Harbor Regional Center we hope that FLRC team will recommend Ray Morgan as go to vendor for all document management needs.

CA Regional Centers will benefit tremendously by using expertise and knowledge base of Ray Morgan Company as we continue to study and develop our relationship with several centers that are already existing clients.