Client Profile:

The California School Boards Association based in Sacramento is a nonprofit education council that represents the elected officials who govern public school districts and county offices of education. The CSBA brings together school governing boards and administrators from district and county offices to advocate for the effective policies that advance the education and well-being of the state’s 6 million K-12 students. With a membership of nearly 1,000 educational agencies, CSBA provides policy resources and training to members through legal, political, legislative, community and media advocacy.


In early 2013, Erin Kniesel had established an appointment with Jason Musselman of CSBAs I.T department. Jason had informed Erin during their meeting they were in a “crisis” with a situation with Xerox that he inherited as he was new to the organization. They had recently entered a 60 month lease for 4 MFDs & Xerox’s “follow-me” print program, cost centers and usage of tracking system. The system would have frequent malfunctions resulting in loss of productivity and frustrate the office personnel. CSBA was so fed up with the issues it was causing that they took their case to their legal counsel where they successfully broke their contract with Xerox.
The CSBA looked at a few vendors located in Sacramento but did not want to lock into another company unless they could deliver. After the initial meeting at CSBAs location, we identified that their primary concerns were service & pricing. Once they had reviewed all other proposals, they set up a meeting with the two most qualifying vendors: RMC and Caltronics. Representatives from the CSBA to came see the technology presentation hosted by Dean Decker, Jason Milan and Erin Kniesel. They demonstrated uniFLOW & Xmedius fax functionality. They liked what they saw.
By the conclusion of the three hour meeting, CSBA offered the account to Ray Morgan based on what we could deliver.

RMC Solution:

High profile clients expect high profile solutions. Therefore, Ray Morgan provided a technology solution that was unmatchable by the competition.

  • IRA-C9280 with a professional punch unit (32 hole punch dye). 2/3 hole punch, document insertion unit, paper folding unit, USB port and a booklet finisher. This also came with an offline binding machine.
  • IRA-C5255 with a paper deck, 2/3 hole punch, USB port and staple finisher.
  • (3) IRA-6265s with paper decks, 2/3 hole punch, fax boards, USB and staple finishers.
  • All machines have Workflow Composer to simultaneously copy and scan large documents.
  • uniFLOW server with mobile print, pdf uploading, statistics module and proxy card authentication which could use preexisting cards.
  • 10 licenses of IR Desktop ADVANCE to use the Binder application for electronic compiling and assembling of complex documents.
  • 20 devices on an MPS agreement.


The installation went smooth, Erin set up the conference between Jason Musselman and ProIT to plan the implementation. All parties agreed to a plan and executed it seamlessly.
Our solution helped CSBA in the following ways:

  • Large cost savings.
  • Had a viable solution that works at all times, not just intermittently.
  • Gave CSBA the ability to accomplish all related goals:
    • Cost Center selection for both prints and copies to bill back budgets.
    • Automate extensive reporting for usage by user, department, budget and application.
    • Integrate seamlessly with Active Directory and all other 3rd party business applications.
    • Simplify scanning workflows (send to myself, home folder and scan to print to send).
    • Send encrypted print jobs to the uniFLOW print server and retrieve those jobs securely at any device in the network.
    • Send print jobs from any mobile device that CSBA deemed acceptable.
    • Mandatory security credentials are required on all devices, allowing only authorized personnel permission to use.


Ray Morgan had created a huge overall cost and time savings for CSBA allowing employees to focus their efforts on core tasks, rather than taxing their time at the copy machines.

  • Allows CSBA to keep work in-house. The 32-hole punch dye professional punching & binding machine allowed CSBA to save them $950 they had previously spent outsourcing the job.
  • Workflow composure saved some employees an extra step while operating the Canon machines. This software allowed a labor cost savings of 4.5 hours and allows employees to use their time for more productively and let the technology do the work.
  • IR ADVANCE Desktop saves employees 10 hours each month allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities. Previously the staff would spend hours printing & copying board packets for the 20+ board members. The overall cost savings would average about $440 per month.