Client Profile:

The Alum Rock Union Elementary School District is located San Jose and operates nineteen elementary schools (K-5) and seven middle schools (6-8). ARUSD serves a student body rich in racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity.


Clarissa Picone gained her lead while cold calling local school districts. She landed an initial meeting with Chief Technology Officer Maribel Guizar-Maita and Daniel Pena the Network & Systems Supervisor. Clarissa and John Propersi, GM of sales met with the new Superintendent Stephen Fiss to discuss his role as Superintendent and his goals and objectives for his new position. Clarissa made her rounds, meeting with the purchasing manager at the time Efrain Robles. The outcome of all the meetings was that ARUSD was going to bid for the account. RMC won the bid for the technology we could provide, along with user-friendly customer support.


Once the district formulated a budget, it was time for the technology assessment to begin. Clarissa visited all 26 schools and met with the Principals to determine the best course of action for the replacement of the technology. In the process, she found that each admin area had anywhere from 2 – 5 devices for printing, copying, faxing and scanning. They emphasized that they needed to scan to OARS, Online Assessment Reporting System and the Dell and HP they were using was just not cutting it. The IT department was in the process of switching from Dell back to HP as a standard printing device for the admin areas.

RMC Solution:

Clarissa did a DTA in each of the admin areas. She determined the volumes printed on each device and their cost to operate. She interviewed each of the administrative assistances to find out how they used the devices, challenges, and what would help them perform their tasks better. Clarissa then created a summary page of findings, cost savings and recommendations for each admin area of every school in the District. The next challenge was to get IT to approve one Canon Color MFP and one black and white MFP as a new standard for the admin area. A Canon 400IF and a C2225 was placed in the IT area for testing. OARS was a key point using the USB drive. Clarissa worked with Maribel and Maria Martinez, the new Purchasing Manager, to get these tested and approved. In the meantime, Clarissa worked with Erick Miller to present Laserfiche and Uniflow. ARUSD is very excited about Uniflow and are currently looking for additional funding so they can roll it out.


Over the last couple of months, Clarissa has placed 30 plus units at Alum Rock. She got the CSU contracted approved thru the board to cover any other units she placed at ARUSD that were not on the initial bid. Clarissa and Bill Ferrara replaced Xerox and Ricoh in the print center with a VP110, C7260 and large format 8400S.


Her current project at ARUSD is replacing the old Riso technology in the copy rooms. The new walk-up systems are all installed. The copy center is cranking out more work than they have ever done in the past and the admin areas are thrilled with their new MFP’s. They are faster, more efficient, have better quality and takes up less space. The admins are very happy with the new RMC solution. The estimated annual cost savings was around $25,000 in the admin areas and $10,000 for the walk-up units.