Client Profile:

Airco Commercial Services works to reduce energy consumption and operational costs through intelligent heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions. Airco has been a successful business since 1987 and has expanded operations to four locations including: Sacramento, Benicia, San Jose and South San Francisco


Ryan Bigley, a representative from the Ray Morgan Company contacted the client by phone to request a meeting in August 2012. Ryan explained his role as a major account specialist with RMC, working to help clients save time, labor and operating expenses. Ryan subsequently presented the case for a complete document technology assessment (DTA) which identified key issues with the current operating system.


A 30-day DTA was conducted surfacing the issues that The Ray Morgan Company could address with highly effective technology solutions.

  • Technology standardization
  • Comprehensive IT support
  • Improved user experience
  • Streamline and standardize printer fleet
  • Automate dispatch/technician relationship
  • Complex billing patterns from multiple vendors

RMC Solution:

Ray Morgan team members Erick Miller, VP of Technology, Network Support Specialist David Noble, Sales Account Manager Dean Decker and Ryan had worked together to propose a solution specifically addressing each area of concern.

  • All multi-functional printers were converted to Canon to standardize a technology platform
  • The plan included RMC ProIT support and technical assistance
  • Ease of use and training would address the user experience issues
  • A Managed Print Services (MPS) agreement and certain upgrades accomplished fleet improvements overall
  • Mobile forms solutions employing Samsung Tablets automated dispatch/technician coordination
  • Billing consolidation solved the problem of complex billing, formerly a costly and time consuming process


The Mobile Forms solution created a huge cost savings for Airco ($40,000 per annum in the pilot phase). This provided core revenue and allowed adequate time for dispatching technicians and managing technician service calls efficiently. Comprehensive installation and training accomplished efficiently providing a seamless transition.


Savings provided by the MFPs were used to help fund the Mobile Forms solution. Additional savings were accomplished by providing MPS for the printer fleet which consolidated billing, reduced operational costs in printing and improved inter-departmental workflow. The transaction was written over a 60-month term covering all four locations. The company is in the process of converting Survey Forms to a tablet based version which will provide additional cost savings and increase productivity for Airco.