RMC Pure Water

Ray Morgan Company recognizes the inefficiencies, excess costs and safety issues related to water coolers in the workplace, we have a patented point-of-use systems to deliver pure and fresh water in your office. Pure Water Technology® presents comprehensive on-demand water solution to improve your office environment.

  • Better for the Environment
  • Protects from Germ Cross Contamination
  • No Heavy Lifting
  • No Storage of Water Jugs
  • No More Weekly or Monthly Disruption of the Workplace


Health Benefits of Drinking Oxygenated Water

  1. Naturally Boosts Immune Defense
  2. Improves Digestion
  3. Promotes Aerobic Respiration
  4. Reduces Lactic Acidosis
  5. Maintains a Healthy pH Range
  6. Boosts Energy Levels


*Services currently available from our North, Roseville and Stockton offices.*

Mike O’Donnell – O’Donnell Group
Chico We recently rented a Pure Water unit from the Ray Morgan Company. Since then, our staff has tripled their water consumption and felt the health benefits associated with pure water, like higher energy levels. We no longer worry about running out of water or needing to replace the heavy jugs. We recommend RMC Pure Water

Paul Catanese – D.H Scott
Redding We recently received two Pure Water units from the Ray Morgan Company. These units looks great in our office, my staff really loves the taste and health benefits it offers. We no longer have the hassle of scheduling water deliveries with the added frustration of having a delivery man show at inconvenient times. The Pure water unit not only tastes great, but saves us space with not having to store water jugs. I recommend RMC Pure Water.

DR. Terry Gibson – thefatlossexpert.com,
Chico One of the Major factors in Weight loss and wellness is metabolism. Water intake is critical for your metabolism to function properly. You only get properly hydrated when pure clean healthy water gets into your cells. I highly recommend looking into their life enhancing water system.

Mike Metzger – Chico Therapy Wellness Center
I recently rented two water units, one for my business and the other for my home. In doing so, my wife and I have been blessed with the most pure tasting, nutrient filled water from The Ray Morgan Company. I work out five days a week and truly believe that drinking the oxygenated water has enhanced my workouts and even helps me sleep better. In 2014, my wife had a traumatic brain injury leading to numerous surgeries, after drinking RMC Pure Water, we feel that she has experienced stronger mental clarity. Another aspect that I love, is that I no longer have to deal with the hassle of 5 gallon water jugs!