Hello, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I’m with the Ray Morgan Company here in the Central Valley.   I’m proud, and honored to be a Strategic Partner of the Placer County Contractors Association, El Dorado Builders Exchange, Santa Cruz County Contractors Exchange and its members.

We’ve enjoyed the opportunity to help many local companies like Collins Electric,  George Reed Company, Ross F. Carroll, APCCO, Diede Construction,Haley Contracting, and the Builders Exchange of Stockton in reducing costs while becoming more efficient, and productive with their document centered processes.

Company’s today should be working towards capturing, retrieving, storing, and sharing information electronically.  With our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions we can reduce administrative workflows by as much as 50%.  By asking a few questions regarding your current workflow, and creating a proof of concept that automates the manual administrative tasks that burden your company.  Schedule a webinar today.

“Our mission is to ensure the ongoing trust and loyalty of our clients by providing them with uncommonly great customer service and value in the sales and support of document centered products and services.”



We Are In The Money Saving Business

It might surprise you to learn organizations spend 5-8% of annual revenue on document management expense.

The Ray Morgan Company specializes in being able to accurately analyze your document output and storage costs, then make cost-reduction recommendations. Once implemented, these recommendations improve your bottom line, maximize productivity, strengthen security and improve efficiency overall.



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