Power surges and electrical disturbances can cause damage, reducing the efficiency and reliability of digital machines. These common power problems have been found to cause lockups, software corruption, board failures, system crashes, and catastrophic equipment damage.

ESP’s Digital QC Power Filter protects digital equipment before disaster strikes.

Engineered with patented filtration and surge protection technology, the ESP Digital QC has been proven to virtually eliminate ground noise, maximize performance, boost productivity, and safeguard your digital system.

Peace of Mind

Extended Protection Guarantee ESP’s Digital QC Power Filter includes an Extended Protection Guarantee that automatically upgrades your service contract, and protects your equipment – for life! Recognized as the most comprehensive power protection warranty available, ESP’s Protection Guarantee extends your equipment service contract to include coverage for electrical surges, lightning, and other power related “Acts of God”. If your ESP Power Filter fails, and fails to protect your properly connected equipment due to abnormal electrical conditions, the ESP Protection Guarantee covers repairs, up to the full replacement value of the machine.


  • Designed for multifunctional copiers, printers, scanners, servers, computers, mailing systems, kiosks, ATMs, and networked equipment.
  • Features a patented three stage filtration and surge protection system that virtually eliminates ground noise and damage caused by power surges.
    • Provides Cat5e ETL Verified Network Surge Protection to ensure trouble-free network connections and maximum signal integrity.
    • Fax/Modem DSL Filter prevents unwanted crossover and reduces radio signals (RFI), which can be picked up by unbalanced phone systems.
      • Eliminates risk of electric shock hazards caused by improperly grounded outlets.
      • UL listed, FCC registered, Industry Canada certified, and Cat5e ETL Verified to guarantee compatibility.
        • Available for all equipment power configurations.
        • Optional GFI Compatibility feature available.

        Network/Telecom Protection

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