Products for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Today’s successful small and medium sized businesses possess a strong entrepreneurial flair. They grow and expand through an innovative approach using everything the latest technology has to offer and good old fashion hard work.

At the Ray Morgan Company we’re a lot like you! That’s why we represent so many clients in the SMB space. We know what it takes to succeed and we practice what we preach!

All of our products, software and services are designed to help your business grow and increase your company’s bottom line in today’s challenging business environment. We work with you! Let us show you how other businesses just like yours are leveraging technology and controlling expenses to be competitive leaders in their respective markets.

From the most simple to the most complex document printing and management, our IT infrastructure services let you focus on your core business tasks while we work behind the scenes to reduce costs, increase sales, make your team more productive and implement greener work processes to make your business more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Let us help you to get started reducing costs, increasing productivity and reducing your environmental footprint!

At the Ray Morgan Company we’ve helped SMBs in the following areas. Examine this list to help identify the areas where we can help you:

  • Free print assessment service
  • Provide fact based data, current print usage and costs to identify cost savings opportunities
  • Technology assessment of your current network
  • GAP analysis of potential risks and identify IT infrastructure opportunities
  • Green assessment – make your current business more sustainable
  • Map current print and waste reduction opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Assess your current security measures
  • Identify current security risks and suggest potential prevention strategies
  • Create a disaster recovery plan to prevent avoidable loss

Looking to grow your small to medium size business? We are ready when you are!