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Is your office printing out of control? Help has arrived!

Download our FREE Office Print Policy Guide full of best practices you can use to take control of your office printing activities to save money and the environment!

Targeted at 90% of organizations that don’t have a print policy, this easy to follow guide highlights the reasons why Office Print Policies have become so popular. You’ll receive a template to do it on your own or with the help of the print management professionals at The Ray Morgan Company.

Your FREE Office Print Policy Guide features:

  • Staggering office printing statistics
  • Common areas of waste (paper & money)
  • Print policy template
  • Best practices to launch and succeed!

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It’s easy to do and you’ll receive a detailed fact-based report on your organization’s current print activities and expenses. You’ll immediately be able to identify avoidable waste and cost savings opportunities that could free up budget dollars for more mission critical projects. Your custom report will incorporate a complete inventory of all your print-related equipment, actual usage by device, and true cost of hardcopy output – including those tricky hidden expenses buried in departmental budgets! Your RMC assessment professional will also provide suggestions on identified areas to reduce print, lower expenses, recycle more, and streamline workflow with hardcopy and digital documents to improve efficiency.

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