How To Videos – Samsung Mac Printer Defaults

Summary: This video is going to review the print output defaults on a Samsung color device.


  • Print queue installed
  • Current browser installed
  • Mac user admin credentials
  • Enable CUPS

How To: Setup Samsung Printer Defaults – Mac

  1. Open web browser
  2. Select or enter localhost:631
  3. If this webpage does not load open a new tab
  4. Search Google how to enable CUPS
  5. It will give you steps to enable it
  6. Enter that in a terminal session
  7. Select enter
  8. This will refresh the page
  9. Go to printers
  10. Select the print queue
  11. Select the drop-down set default options
  12. Select the general tab
  13. Scroll down
  14. Select flip on long/short edge/none
  15. Select color/black & white
  16. Select Collated/Non-Collated
  17. Select default options
  18. Your printer will now output all documents to specified settings
  19. You can alter settings on specific prints, but the printer will always default to this