How To Videos – Samsung Address Book Export/Import

Summary: This video is going to review the steps to export and import an address book on a Samsung copier. This video will outline the steps for current generation X 4300 series copier.


  • IP address of the copier
  • Network access
  • Admin login credentials for the copier

How To: Setup Samsung Address Book Import/Export

  1. Open a web browser
  2. Enter the IP address of the copier in the address bar
  3. Select the login button
  4. Username: admin
  5. Password: $amsung1
  6. Select login
  7. Select address book
  8. Scroll over
  9. Go to the task dropdown

To Export:

  1. Select task
  2. Select export
  3. Select yes
  4. Option to check Encrypt Address Book for security
  5. Enter an Encryption Key
  6. Confirm the Key
  7. Select export
  8. Select downloads
  9. Find address book
  10. Double click Address Book
  11. Confirm Information
  12. Close Window
  13. Select Close

To Import:

  1. Select task
  2. Select import
  3. Select yes
  4. Select Overwrite/Append
  5. Type in Key & Confirm
  6. Select import
  7. Select browse to your local desktop
  8. Select the Address Book File
  9. Select import
  10. Confirm Information
  11. Select logout
  12. Select yes
  13. The export and import process is complete