How To Videos – Ricoh Scan Defaults

Summary: This video is going to review these steps to change the scan defaults for a Ricoh color copier.


  • Network access
  • IP address of the copier
  • Admin login credentials

How to: Setup Ricoh Scan Defaults

  1. Open a browser
  2. Enter IP address of the copier
  3. Select the login button
  4. Login: admin
  5. Password: (blank)
  6. Select login
  7. Go to device management
  8. Select configuration
  9. Scroll down
  10. Select default settings for normal screens
  11. Select Original Type
  12. Select Resolution
  13. Select Auto Density
  14. Select Send File Type
  15. Select Ok to Confirm Settings
  16. you’ll want to
  17. Select default settings for simplified screens
  18. Select Original Type
  19. Select Resolution
  20. Select Send File Type

Select Ok to Confirm Settings