How To Videos – Ricoh PC Print Setup with User IDs

Summary: This video is going to review these steps to configure a Rico print queue with user IDs or to use ID codes.


  • Print driver/Print queue Installed
  • User or Department ID List
  • Admin Access on the PC

How To: Setup RICOH Print with User IDs – PC

  1. Select the start menu
  2. Type in control panel
  3. Select control panel
  4. Select Devices and Printers
  5. Select the RICOH print queue
  6. Right click
  7. Select printer properties
  8. Select Preferences
  9. Select detailed settings
  10. Select job setup
  11. Enter a User Code
  12. Select apply
  13. Select ok
  14. Print a test page
  15. If the ID code is set up correctly and the print queue is working properly then you will have a successful test print.