How To Videos – Ricoh Mac Print Presets

Summary: This video is going to review the steps to create a preset for your Mac device with a Ricoh print driver.


  • Print driver installed
  • Print queue setup
  • Mac admin credentials

How to: Setup Ricoh Print Presets – Mac

  1. Open word
  2. Select file
  3. Select print
  4. Select Color/Black& White
  5. Select Short/Long Edge
  6. Select the drop down
  7. Save current settings as preset
  8. Print
  9. Open Acrobat document
  10. Select drop down here
  11. Select File
  12. Select printer properties
  13. Presets are now default
  14. Select Single/Double Sided
  15. Select Collated/Non-collated
  16. Select Tray 1/2/3/4/etc.
  17. Select Save Current settings
  18. Select Print