How To Videos – Ricoh Mac Print Defaults

Summary: This video is going to review the print output defaults for color, black & white, double sided, & single sided for a RICOH device.


  • Print Queue Installed
  • Current Web Browser
  • Admin Credentials
  • Able to Enable CUPS

How To: Setup RICOH Print Defaults – Mac

  1. Open a browser
  2. type in localhost:631
  3. It should bring up the CUPS Page
  4. If it does not pop up search Google on how to enable cups on a Mac & follow the steps
  5. Select the printer tab on the CUPS Page
  6. Select the RICOH print queue
  7. Select the drop-down
  8. Click default options
  9. Select the general tab
  10. Select options of Flip on Short/Long Edge/Off
  11. Select options for Color/Black & White
  12. Select options for Double/Single Sided
  13. Select Set Default Options
  14. Your Settings are now saved