How To Videos – Ricoh IP Address Settings

Summary: This video is going to review the steps to set the copier to a static or a DHCP IP address. This video will outline the steps for a Ricoh current generation copier. This video will outline all the steps that the end user must select at the copier.


  • User Credentials
  • Ricoh Copier
  • Internet Access
  • IP Address of Copier

How To: Setup Ricoh IP Address Settings

  1. Go to the copier screen
  2. Select user tools
  3. Select machine features
  4. Select system settings
  5. Select interface settings
  6. Select machine ipv4 address
  7. Select Auto obtain or specify
  8. Select specify
  9. Enter a static IP address
  10. Select change
  11. Select the pound symbol
  12. Now the IP address has changed
  13. Change Subnet mask
  14. Select change
  15. Enter the subnet
  16. Select the pound symbol
  17. Select ok
  18. Select DNS configuration
  19. Select auto obtain or specify
  20. Select specify
  21. Select change
  22. Enter IP address
  23. Select ok
  24. Select exit
  25. Exit again
  26. Select the home button
  27. Reboot Copier