How To Videos – Ricoh Fax Forward

Summary: This video is going to review the steps to set up fax forwarding for your Ricoh device.


  • Internet access
  • IP address of the copier
  • Admin credentials for the copier
  • Address book entries set up on the copier

How To: Setup Ricoh Fax Forward

  1. Open a web browser
  2. Enter the IP address of the copier once the page loads
  3. Select the login button
  4. Enter the admin credentials
  5. Select device management and configuration
  6. Scroll down
  7. Select reception file settings
  8. Select on for general setting
  9. Select detailed settings
  10. Select first for output method
  11. Select the drop-down
  12. Select forwarding
  13. Select specify destination
  14. Select change from here on the
  15. Go to drop-down you want to
  16. Select email
  17. Select ok
  18. Select ok
  19. Select change
  20. Select change destination
  21. Select folder under the drop-down
  22. Select ok
  23. Forwarding is set up to address book entry
  24. Select ok
  25. Select ok again
  26. Go to main page
  27. Log out