How To Videos – Ricoh Copy Defaults

Summary: This video is going to review these steps to change the copy defaults for a Ricoh Copier.


  • Ricoh Copier
  • Print Driver
  • Internet Access

How to: Setup Ricoh Copy Defaults

  1. Go to copy screen go ahead and
  2. select the copier classic button
  3. Select Color/Black& White
  4. Select Short/Long Edge
  5. Select Single/Double Sided
  6. Select Collated/Non-collated
  7. Select Tray 1/2/3/4/etc.
  8. Select ok
  9. Select recall program change
  10. select a program as default
  11. select program
  12. select yes
  13. Select confirm
  14. Setting will be default
  15. Changes per document can still be made
  16. Printing is now ready