How To Videos – Ricoh Address Book Export/Import

Summary: This video is going to review these steps to export and import an address book on a Ricoh copier. This video will review the process for the latest generation color copier.


  • IP Address of the copier
  • Network access
  • Admin login for the copier

How to: Setup Ricoh Address Book Export/Import

  1. Open a web browser
  2. Enter the IP address of the copier
  3. Select the login button
  4. Login: admin
  5. Password: (blank)
  6. Select login
  7. Select device management
  8. Select address book
  9. Select maintenance
  10. Select backup
  11. Enter an encryption key if necessary

To Export:

  1. Select backup
  2. This will create a downloaded file
  3. Go to downloads
  4. Select Address Book Document Download
  5. Address book is now exported book

To Import:

  1. Select restore
  2. Select choose file
  3. Select the RICOH address book
  4. Select OK
  5. Select OK again
  6. Log Out