How to Videos – Canon Mac Print Defaults

Summary: This video is going to review the print defaults and color defaults for a canon print cue.


  • Printer or print queue installed in the Mac
  • Current web browser installed (Chrome/Safari/Firefox)
  • Mac user must be an admin
  • Must have CUPS enabled or be able to access CUPS and enable it
  • To access cups open a web browser enter localhost:631 & select enter
    • If that does not load or if there is an error a quick Google search will tell you how to enable cups on a Mac

How To: Set Up Canon Print Defaults – Mac

  1. Go to printers
  2. Go to the Canon color 5051
  3. Select set default options
  4. Go to the general tab
  5. Scroll down to Color Mode it’s automatically set to color by default.
  6. Set Color Mode to black and white.
  7. There are options for output available (print style: two-sided, one sided, booklet)
  8. Set a Print Style
  9. Scroll down and click set default options
  10. Enter the Mac admin user name that’s logged in.
  11. One sided is now the default and black and white is now the default