How To Video – Ricoh Scan to Email Setup

Summary: This video is going to review the SMTP or scan to email setup on a RICOH copier.


  • IP address of the copier
  • Web browser
  • Internet connection
  • Admin logon credentials to access the copier
  • SMTP server name or IP any SSL requirements
  • SMTP username and password or the email account for authentication
  • SMTP port

How To: Setup Scan to Email – RICOH

  1. open a web browser
  2. enter the IP address of the copier
  3. select the login button
  4. default login is admin with no password
  5. once you’re logged in select device management
  6. select configuration
  7. select email
  8. make sure to enter the from address this is the default email address
  9. scroll down enter the SMTP server name or IP
  10. Enter the port the copier defaults to port 25
  11. Click On/Off SSL
  12. Click On/Off SMTP authentication
  13. Enter the email and username
  14. Enter the password
  15. Select change
  16. Enter the password
  17. Confirm it
  18. Select ok
  19. Under SMTP encryption click auto select
  20. Select Apply
  21. Select ok
  22. Test
  23. Recommended: Verify the DNS and Gateway and IP information before setup