How To Video – Canon Windows 10 Print Queue Setup

Summary: This video is going to review the print driver setup and print queue configuration on a Windows 10 computer for a Canon copier.


  • Copier model
  • IP address
  • download the print driver
  • web browser

How to: Setup Canon Print Queue – Windows 10

  1. Open your web browser
  2. Go to
  3. Select drivers and downloads
  4. Enter your copier model
  5. Double check operating system
  6. Select either:
    1. 15_Set-up_x64.exe
    2. 01_Set-up_x64.exe
    3. exe
  7. Download the Print Driver
  8. Once Completed Open your file explorer
  9. Select downloads
  10. Extract the zip file
  11. Close this window
  12. Minimize your browser
  13. Select the start menu
  14. Enter control panel or type control panel on your keyboard
  15. Select Devices and Printers
  16. Select add printer
  17. Select Printer was Not Listed
  18. Select add a local printer or network printer with manual settings
  19. Select Next
  20. Create the port
  21. Enter the IP address of the copier
  22. Uncheck Query the printer and automatically select the driver to use
  23. Select Next
  24. Select Have Disk…
  25. Select Browse
  26. Scroll to your downloads folder
  27. Select the UFRII_v30.15_Set-up_x64.exe driver
  28. Select ok
  29. Select Printer
  30. Select next
  31. Name the printer, or leave it as default
  32. Select Next
  33. Click do not share their printer
  34. Select next
  35. Select finish
  36. Once the device installs right click
  37. Click Printer Properties
  38. Print test page