How to Video – Canon Scan to Email Setup

Summary: This video is going to review the SMTP or scan the email setup on a canon copier.


  • IP address of the copier
  • web browser
  • internet connection
  • admin credentials to access the copier
  • SMTP server name
  • SSL or TLS requirements
  • SMTP username password
  • SMTP port

How to: Scan to Email Setup

  1. Open a web browser
  2. Enter the IP address of the copier on your local network or home office login for this device
  3. Enter ID and pin
    1. This should be documented somewhere within your company or if not your local dealer can assist you.
  4. Select no
  5. Select settings registration
    1. You are accessing the web portal of a copier so you can make changes
  6. Select function settings and then send
  7. Select common settings
  8. Select network settings
  9. Enter your server name
    1. This could be gmail, this could be exchange, GoDaddy, anything that you folks have on site or purchased through a hosted server. For example;, smtp office 365, Comm, or an exchange IP address, or an exchange host name the email that you would like the from address if you require SSL or TLS.
  1. Select SMTP Authentication (STMP AUTH) if you require SMTP authentication
  2. Enter the authenticating email or user
  3. Enter the password
  4. If you need to change the port from port 25 that must be changed in a user mode or a service mode depending on the model. Contact your local servicing dealer if you’re unsure the process for changing the port on the copier.
  5. Once you’re done select ok
  6. Now you’re ready to test this setup, assuming that DNS gateway and all IP settings are correct and current so please check that before any testing or anything else.