How To Video – Canon Scan Defaults

Summary: This video is going to review the defaults for scan to email and scan the folder on a canon advanced unit. These defaults include color, auto color, black and white, double-sided, single sided, and the file size (300 DPI, high compression, OCR etc.)


  • Print Driver Installed
  • Login Credentials
  • Network Access

How To: Setup Scan Defaults – Canon

  1. Go to the main copy screen
  2. Select the scan and send icon
  3. Click options
  4. Select the job
  5. Select auto color
  6. Select DPI
  7. Select PDF compact
  8. Make scanning be black and white
  9. Make an adjustment to 200 dpi
  10. Set the file type to tiff
  11. Select ok
  12. Select the cube canon cube
  13. Click change default settings
  14. Confirm settings
  15. select yes
  16. Select Close
  17. Your settings will now be default
  18. The best settings include auto color and PDF compact 300 DPI.
  19. This gives the best resolution with the lowest file size.
  20. Select Close