How To Video – Canon Mac Print Presets

Summary: This video will review the process to create presets for your Mac device. The presets are a set of commands that you can save at the application level. For example, if you want to print to a specific tray or color black and white, or you want to have a certain type of paper or even a staple option, all these presets can be saved regardless of the application you’re using.

Items required:

  • Print driver installed
  • Print queue set up
  • Be an Admin on your Mac

How to: Setup Canon Presets – Mac

  1. Open word
  2. Select file and print
    • For example:
      • We want to make this document print in color and to a specific tray
  3. Go to quality
  4. select color
  5. adjust it to 1200 dpi
  6. Click finishing
  7. Select single sided
  8. Select a specific paper source (drawer 2)
  9. Select the drop down to save the current settings as presets
  10. Name: Color Duplex Tray 2
  11. Select print
  12. Select ok
  13. Select Print to Confirm Command
  14. Open Acrobat
  15. Go to an Acrobat document
    • Either in Reader or Acrobat standard
  16. The preset will be saved on the Mac
  17. Select file and print
  18. Select our printer
  19. Click the drop-down and as you can see it’s already saved that current preset
  20. We have another populated preset here for black and white simplex and tray 1
  21. Go to settings
  22. Paper source (drawer 1)
  23. Quality 600 dpi
  24. Black-and-White
  25. Select Print
  26. Presets are saved on the Mac by the user. If you print from the web browser, email client, or a document processing program all your presets will be saved.

Print Canon User Data List

Summary: This video will outline the steps on how to print out a user data list for a canon copier


  • Generation 1 or 2 advanced copier

How to: Print Canon User Data List

  1. Select control panel
  2. Select settings registration
  3. Select preferences
  4. Select Network
  5. Select output report
  6. Select yes
    1. This will print out the network report it will outline the IP DNS gateway subnet scan settings for SMTP scanning the host name the MAC address a number of pertinent items that you will need to work with IT or include install a print driver it’s a very useful list.
  7. Once it’s complete select close.