How To Video – Canon Fax Forward

Summary: This video will outline the steps to set up fax forwarding to a folder into an email address.

Items required:

  • Internet access
  • IP address of the copier
  • Admin login credentials for that copier
  • Address book entries set up
    • if you’re not sure how to set the entries for address book please review the other support videos on the Ray Morgan YouTube Channel

How to: Set up fax forwarding – Canon Advanced Copier

  1. Go to my web browser
  2. Enter the IP address of the copier
  3. Select the login page
  4. Type in the admin code (you should have this admin code documented for your office)
  5. Select login
  6. Select no If it prompts you
  7. Go to the settings registration function
  8. Go to receive forward
  9. Select fax forwarding settings
  10. Add a new condition
  11. Enter a generic condition of incoming fax
  12. Scroll to forward destination
  13. Select the destination from the address book (John Smith)
  14. Select ok
  15. Now all incoming faxes will be sent via email to John Smith
  16. Name the file incoming fax
  17. Three Options:
    1. Set the condition and apply it right now
    2. Send an email notification if you wanted to receive a notification that the fax has been received if it’s going to an alternate address
    3. Select a different destination
      1. You can select a server address or SMB scanning
      2. You can again select a forwarding notice
  • Once you’re done here
    1. Select ok
  1. The green light shows all incoming faxes will go to the folder now on the server and an email notification will be sent to John Smith stating that there is a new fax waiting for him.
  2. Once you’re done:
    1. Select the logout button