How To Video – Canon Copy Defaults

Summary: This video is going to review the copy defaults for a canon advanced unit. For example, double-sided, single sided, color, black-and-white, multiple copies, auto trace, etc.


  • Canon Copier
  • Network Access
  • Login Credentials

How to: Setup Copy Defaults – Cannon

  1. Go to the copier
  2. On the copier screen select copy
  3. Select the functions that you would like to be the default
  4. Select either black and white or color as default
  5. Select a specific paper tray
  6. Select one or two-sided
  7. Select the cube icon at the top right
  8. Select change defaults
  9. Select register
  10. Select confirm the settings
  11. Select yes to confirm those changes
  12. If you make an adjustment you can select the reset key and it will reset back to these defaults