How To Video – Canon Address Book Export/Import

Summary: This video is going to export and import address books on a canon copier. It will also review the settings to export with passwords. This video is compatible with a gen3 copier, canon gen1 copier, and a canon gen advanced copier.


  • IP address of the copier
  • network access
  • login credentials for the copier

How to: Setup Address Book Export/Import – Canon

  • Open a web browser
  • Enter the IP address of a copier in the address bar
  • Username: administrator
  • Password: 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
  • Select settings and registration
  • To Export with passwords select set destination
  • Select address book export settings
  • Check the checkbox: “Include Password When Exporting Address Book”
    • This will export any SMB folder path with the username and password
  • Select ok
  • Scroll down to management settings
  • Click data management
  • Select address lists
  • Select export
  • Select Level 2 for Gen 2
  • Select Level 1 for Gen 1 to 2 Conversion
  • Select address list 1
  • Enter a password
  • Select start export
  • To import go back to data management
  • Select address lists
    • This is the process to import the address book you just exported from another copier.
  • Select import
  • On the import method drop down Select Add
  • Select Address list to import to: ex. Address Book 3
  • Choose the file
  • Enter password
  • Click Ok
  • You will find all Addresses in the Address Book in your Portal.