RMC provides a proactive solutions-oriented partnership approach utilizing state of the art technology, world class best practices, and dedicated specialists delivering superior customer service. This proven and tested offering is significantly the most cost effective, most accurate, and the fastest solution available in the market place.

RMC Overview – Helping our clients reduce cost and increase productivity through Business Process Outsourcing

RMC provides outsourced document, data processing and fulfillment solutions for commercial businesses and government agencies. Any organization, large or small, that requires efficient storage, rapid retrieval and data analysis of its physical documents can benefit from RMC’s Business Process Outsourcing & Business Process Management solutions. RMC’s project manager will work with you to scope your project and provide you end to end solutions from the manifest/packing point through to the image delivery.


  1. RMC offers a complete document management solution – including; front end Mailroom services, daily & back-file scanning, field recognition, forms processing and outbound print/mail fulfillment services.
  2. RMC offers an all-inclusive flat-fee pricing structure.
  3. RMC and Partners processes an average of 1,000,000 forms, statements and claims a day for clients representing a variety of industries.
  4. Regardless of your organization’s size or focus, RMC’s team of experienced BPO/BPM professionals will work with you to develop the best solution for managing your documents.
  5. RMC prides itself in bringing innovative thinking, technologies and processes to our document management services thus providing unique benefits and savings to your bottom line.

RMC’s full-service document and data management solutions include:

Document Scanning, Indexing and Recognition:

Electronic documents stored as images are easier and faster to retrieve than paper documents stored in boxes or file cabinets. Once your paper documents are converted to electronic documents, your company will be able to respond more quickly and cost-effectively to your customers’ requests. As an added benefit, RMC’s document recognition capabilities can convert the relevant portions of your document to data. Once converted, you then have the power to search by subject, word/phrase, date, or whatever criteria you choose.

Additional services include direct data integration with your backend systems and business intelligence and data mining across your document data.

Automated Forms Processing and Data Transformation Services:

If your company employs three or more full time employees to enter data from forms, then RMC’s Service’s will save time, improve accuracy and allow your company to focus its resources on its core business. Using RMC’s services, document data sourced from our recognition capabilities can be modified, edited, cleaned and validating using sophisticated technologies and processes. This allows for industry standard data integrity checks coupled with your specific business rules to ensure an accurate and seamless integration with your backend systems. This can operate with your specific data repositories as well as generate activity reports such that all modifications to your data can be audited and verified.

  • Professional Consulting and Project Analysis
  • Mail Room Services
  • Document Preparation & Re assembly
  • Back-file Conversions
  • PDF conversions
  • Complex Indexing
  • Document parsing
  • Large-format scanning
  • Outbound Print Management and Fulfillment Services with complete mailing
  • Document Scanning, Indexing and Recognition
  • Binder Kitting/Assembly

What can an RMC Project Manager do for you?

RMC PM will work with you to understand your scope of work for each department
RMC PM will work with your key departments to understand the file naming, parsing and scanning granularity that they require
RMC PM will work with your timeframes & goals
RMC PM will work with your team to coach box manifest for pick up
RMP PM will provide complete chain of custody for physical pick up
RMC PM will coordinate the secure transport of your documents; Ex: bar code labels, palletize and shrink wrap
RMC PM will determine the best production environment based on your scope
RMC PM will set up selected users for secure access during conversion process

RMC back file services include:

Chain of custody for box contents
Box labels
Secure pick-up
Document prep in scan facility (or on site if Scope of work determined to require)
Document scan
Image to physical QC
OCR of General Documentation (optional)
Indexing; determined in scope of work
File naming based on Scope of work
File export to Secure FTP for upload
RMC can offer external hard drive or DVD if you choose.
Document return or destruction options ~ post scanning